Exhaust and Brake Repairs in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts

At Cowgill Auto Service, our goal is to always beat out the competition in both the pricing and quality of our auto repairs. Based in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, our shop has excellent deals available on all manner of brake and exhaust repairs.
Extensive Exhaust Work
Our trained mechanics thoroughly understand the inner workings of any vehicle's exhaust system, and they utilize the proper installation techniques required for flawless repairs. Some of the exhaust system parts that need to be repaired or replaced include:
• Clamps
• Manifolds
• Flex Pipes
• Pollution Tubes
• Welds
• Flanges
• EGR Valves
• Oxygen Sensors
• Hangers
• Mufflers
• Exhaust Pipes
• Intermediate Pipes
• Gaskets
• Tailpipes
• Rubber Mounts
• Catalytic Converters
Brake Repairs and Parts
Trust the professionals at Cowgill Auto Service to handle everything from regular brake maintenance to custom brake system modifications. We work on most makes and models of foreign and domestic models, and only use name-brand parts from top manufacturers like Wagner®, Bendix®, VGX®, and Centric®.

Our skilled technicians are familiar with every part of your vehicle's braking system, and have advanced knowledge of hydraulic braking systems, air-braking systems, and custom high-performance brakes. Some of the parts and systems we regularly work on include:
• Pads
• Brake Lines
• Caliper Brackets
• Diverter Valves
• Seals
• Rotors
• Brake Boosters
• Brake Fluid Lines
• Shoes
• Drums
• Hydro Boosters
• Parking Brake Pawls
• Hoses
• Caliper Pistons
• Power Assist Systems
• Calipers
• Wheel Cylinders
• Line Locking Braking Systems
Contact us today with any questions about the type of exhaust or brake issues your vehicle has been experiencing.